We believe everybody should enjoy the beauty and function of new window treatments by ShutterShop. So, here’s an exciting program that rewards you for referring friends and family to us, and giving us the opportunity to provide an in-home consultation and quote.

Earn hundreds of dollars… just for providing us with qualified referrals* to people you know that want to meet with us and get a quote for new window treatments.

Here’s How it works…

For every qualified referral, you provide to us… we will send you a $25.00 Gift Card upon completion of an appointment with them. You can select from over a dozen types of gift cards.

For every referral you provide to us, which results in a sale of our products, we will send you an additional $25.00 Gift Card. It’s just that simple.

Better Yet… we will enter everyone who provides a referral into a drawing for a $250.00 Gift Card. Every qualified referral you provide earns an extra entry in the drawing.

Hurry, this program is for a limited time and will expire on 08/31/2023.

To qualify, you must enter your referrals online using the ‘Refer-A-Friend’ button below.

(Please provide Full Name and Phone Number for each referral)

We will notify you upon receipt of your referral, completion of an appointment for every referral you provide, and any sale generated as a result of your referral.

Special terms and conditions:

  1. *Qualified referrals are defined as individuals that have been notified by you and would be expecting contact from us to arrange an appointment to provide a consultation and quote for window treatments.
  2. Referrals that are provided, but do not result in the completion of an appointment, will not earn rewards.
  3. Rewards will be issued monthly to all participants and will be in the form of your selected Gift Card.
  4. In the event we receive more than one referral to the same person or address, only the first entry will receive a gift card reward.